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Did you know that Texas, the mainland U.S.A.'s largest state, was its own country during the mid-1800's? What if Texas resumes being its own country, liberated from the U.S.A.? Texas' economy would be somewhere around the world's 14th largest, and arguably even larger due to its liberation from Washington D.C.'s spendthrift, vote-buying ways. Indeed Texas, thanks in part to its Constitutional ban against a state income tax, still creates the vast majority of new jobs in the U.S.   Meanwhile Texas is the only U.S. mainland state with its own electricity / power grid, and it has abundant petroleum and agricultural resources too. Texas also has the U.S.A.'s most commercially active port, the world's largest medical center and a growing commercial space sector that could succeed without, if not altogether outperform (jealously monopolistic and bureaucratic) NASA.   Interestingly enough, in 2015 Texas' legislature established the first state-run gold depository in the entire U.S.A. As far as national defense goes, the Lone Star State already has the Texas State Guard (which answers only to the governor), the Texas National Guard, the Air Guard and the Texas Rangers. Texas also sends lots of folks to the federal government's military as these statistics help show. Should Texas continue getting its future increasingly mortgaged by central planners over a thousand miles away in Washington D.C.? Why does Texas not resume being its own country so that it can better focus on paying down its own debts? Isn't it time for a Texit?

seceder, secession, independence
newPerhaps some of these candidates embraced by the Texas Nationalist Movement (secessionists )
for 2020 are in your Texas electoral region? If so, have fun voting to make a splash! :-)
Have you seen the new Texas Referendum Act yet?

Would you like to see the Texas secession referendum issue make it onto a major political party's upcoming primary ballot?

Did you know that even before the latest federal government shutdown,
48% of Texas Republicans surveyed already favored secession?

Feel free to contact a local chapter of the Republican Party here in Texas to request
that they please help set up a secession petition signing event in your area...

Have you seen the Texian Partisan's pro-seceder endorsements of Texas politicians for the 2018 elections yet?

Can you believe how much larger Texas is than some prominent countries around the world?
These comparative maps are interesting to view...

Did you know that the Texas Constitution says the following?

is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of
the people of Texas stands pledge
d to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only,
they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.

Interestingly enough, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) maintains an interesting & informative list
of questions & answers regarding secession here.

Did you know that the Libertarian Party of Texas' platform officially states the following?

"IV.1.c. Texas Independence.
Libertarians fully support the rights of the people to alter their form of government.
As the U.S. federal government is increasingly expanding its influence well beyond
its Constitutional authority and clearly violating citizens’ rights as guaranteed by the
Bill of Rights, the right of the people of Texas to alter their form of government,
as stated in Article I Section 2 of the Texas Constitution, must be acknowledged
by allowing Texans to have an honest and frank discussion on the merits of
independence and being allowed to vote accordingly to reassert Texas’ Independence."

They have a growing quantity of political candidates in Texas, too...


A growing quantity of media outlets has covered Texas seceders' electoral referendum petition drive. Here are some:

Dallas Morning News article; Fox News article; Texas Monthly article; Texas Tribune article;

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Incidentally, according to this source, "of the 46 [secession] referendums held worldwide since 1905,
42 have resulted in a new independent country being formed – with two of the remaining four “no” results later reversed".

Below is a (growing) list of political candidates in Texas
who reportedly say that they favor Texas' secession.

Please feel free to confirm this with them, though, since we know how people change their minds with time & experience...

If you know someone who is potentially interested in running for public office in Texas,
here are many of the relevant laws:
newMeanwhile if you want to deal with secession-friendly businesses in Texas, feel free to visit:

Texas politicians with at least reportedly pro-secessionist leanings:
Candidates' official statement favoring Texas' secession
Larry SECEDE Kilgore for Governor
Libertarian Party of Texas candidates
(IV.1.c. Texas Independence)

Kathie Glass for Governor
(favors trying nullification first, but if that fails, secession is well worth voting on)

newHave you seen the Texian Partisan's pro-seceder endorsements
of Texas politicians for the 2018 elections yet?
During years past, secessionists have circulated
the following names as secession-friendly candidates:
Any longer?

Ben Sanders for Texas Comptroller /

Mike Galloway for Senate: FB page; website
David Watts for Texas Land Commissioner

sort of: FB

Tammy Blair for Cherokee County Judge: FB page; website

Cary McKay for Parker County Judge: FB page; website

Anne Hollis for J.P. #3, Parker County: FB page; website

Briscoe Cain for House District 128
James Burgess for Mayor of Venus, Texas
James White for House District 19
Joel Gardner for House District 6
Jonathan Stickland for House District 92 (Tarrant County): FB page; website

Judy Nichols for House District 21: FB page; website

Nicholas Landholdt (Libertarian in Odessa, Texas)
statements (Twitter)
Steve Toth for House District 15


Texas Nationalist Movement's (TNM's) list of candidate endorsements:
*Libertarian candidates in Texas*
Who else deserves Texas secessionists' consideration?

Please let us know either

via our website

or at's Facebook page

Below is a list of websites known to directly embrace the Texas secession subject...

Texas state flag map

Or at the very least, what if mere portions of Texas secede?  


Here are some additional relevant websites:


Middlebury Institute's list of
"current secession groups"
(in the U.S.A.)

Are you tired of government corruption?   To see who contributes to whom, or receives what from whom in terms of campaign financing in the U.S.A.,
please feel free to consult the following free resource:

Political Activism Online:'s secession section...
By the way, state sovereignty resolutions are getting passed throughout the USA.  
Here's a list of activist states and their sovereignty resolutions.

Scotland's secession push has increasingly inspired secession debates throughout the globe, including in Texas.

Here are just a few examples of media coverage of what's brewing:



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seceder, secession, independence